About Us


About Us

We start out by having a deep and abiding passion for Trophy Whitetails!

Add in our private hunting ranch and our managed whitetail herd with our superb genetics! Top it all off with our dedication to providing you with outstanding customer service, awesome whitetails, an exciting hunting experience, great camaraderie, and more!

And all of those contributing to your trophy whitetail hunt of a lifetime, and the enduring memories that go along with that!

Ron Douglas, the owner and head guide for Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio is a lifelong hunter, a registered Alaskan Guide, and an Official SCI Scorer. Ron and all of the staff here at Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio are focused on making sure that you have a successful, enjoyable hunt and that you go home with your trophy whitetail of a lifetime and some great hunting memories!

You see it there on our homepage, "Great Deer! Great Hunts! Great Times!". Here at Xtreme Whitetails of Ohio, that's not simply a slogan, it's our overall philosophy when it comes to you, our clients.

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